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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 29, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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well as substance abuse. there is fan reaction and impact on niners and alden smith. david? >> nfl commissioner is coming down hard on smith one day after admitting he went easy on jay rice. this nine-game suspension is going to hurt smith as well as the niners. the suspension will be without pay, meaning alden smith will forfeit one and a quarter million dollars, but the team and fans say there is another price to pay. >> nine games is are the of games. that is going to hurt us. >> how do you think the team is going to handle it? >> i think they've prepared for it i don't think it's going to be easy. it's going to hurt. >> smith is one of the key players in 49ers defense the niners knew a suspension was
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coming but probably expecting 4 to 8 games, not nine. smith was in a courtroom where he was put on three years probation for drunk driving and weapons charges smith was arrested for dui after smashing his car into a tree in san jose, and for possessing assault weapons discovered in his house. in april, arrested for making a false bomb threat at los angeles international airport but charges were dropped he's gone through five weeks of rehab. this fan thinks it's harsh, but appropriate. . >> i think it will turn him around. i think what the nine games it will let him know that he needs to buckle down and get with it i think that will be perfect for him. >> the 49ers general manager issued this statement. alden continued to show growth, personally and professionally we'll continue to support him but it's time to put this matter behind us and focus on the season ahead.
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>> he's been pretty straight and narrow since then. so i hope you had. that is where we're at. >> in santa clara, david louie, abc7 news >> okay, so how big of a deal is this to 49ers? >> it's huge. he's a great, great player. they're going to figure out how to win without him. nine games total. suspension is kind of a surprise in length in my view after the national outrage they perceived a light two-game that is going to get hammered here. with five games for personal conduct violation.
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and there is no appeal possible here the commissioner sending a message that repeat offenders will not be tolerated. alden has a long list of issues making the threat of a bomb and airport too his credit, smith went into rehab at the middle of last season. it does not appear to have helped. you can just hope he learns a lesson here moving forward. collin rush will have more later on in sports. >> a young man has been jailed for selling an iphone he claims to have found now, his lawyer says he's been stuck in a bad situation for two weeks and ended up in a psych ward instead of a regular jail cell. vic? >> the sentence was tough
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one could tell us why, or how he got stuck in the psych ward became a prisoner of the system. there is no way he can get . it wasn't theft, because he says he found it. his lawyer says the charge, a misdemeanor is a rarely used one. sharma somehow ended up in the psych ward. >> he's in block f. and worse of the worst in the section of the psych ward.
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>> his lawyer says sharma has been attacked. >> someone apparently tried to kill him. and i was really upset >> question, did the judge order it? >> the judge said he didn't sentence him to a psych ward, but to jail. >> when he went back to court to ask his client be moved to a regular jail cell, he found that all of the records in this case were gone. >> the junl confirmed the file disappeared. >> the judge said there is nothing he could do and says the sheriff's office told him the courts had to authorize the move. today, without any word why, jailers told him sharma would be moved to a regular cell, then, the court administrative staff told abc7 news they'd found the missing files
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they told us the da had it all the time. a police officer is accused of putting on a mask and beating a woman in richmond. gregory thompson was arrested on august 16th near his late father's home, accused of hitting the woman and her car with a baseball bat. she said she had run out of gas at that time. police say it was a seemingly random attack. >> woman came yelling down the street. the gentleman tried to attack her and had attacked noernl woman that ran off and she didn't know where the other woman was. >> we don't know the motive this point and what his intent was. >> water is back on in napa tonight. about an hour ago, city crews
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fixed last of the leaks caused by sunday's earthquake. officials with fema fanned out to conduct a preliminary damage assessment and about 150 homes and businesses have now been red tagged and declared off limits. another 900 have been yellow tagged. one napa viewer called to ask why. so alisa, what have you learned? >> some people who wanted information after this incident wonder why there is no emergency alert p a spokesman told me it was too late for a warning and there are other ways to get information. emergency alert systems are
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often activated when there is a threat to public safety. an explosion in august of 2012, but sunday, one was not used. a viewer wrote abc7 after seeing our coverage asking why. we brought the question to barry martin. >> things moved so fast, including your industry, that emergency activation systems are out of date. >> he says the city used to communicate using tweets and updating web sites with information and phone numbers >> there are many, many ways without living in the 50s so we use techniques >> some aren't sure an alert would be helpful in this case. >> if you're from california you
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know that is an earthquake. >> joyce lives in new york part of the year and relies on eas and says sunday could have gotten the word out. >> if they need to check on someone. >> they're still continuing to update the people in napa every day on recovery efforts and where they can get help. >> and later tonight, michael ine explain what's to do if your home and business is red tagged. >> tral trance is making progress on a seismic upgrade in san francisco. they've had to close highway 280 from highway 101 to king street. it's best to avoid if you're heading out of town for the weekend alan wong checks in now with an update. allen? >> this project is on schedule.
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crews are almost finished cutting away the sections of i 280. it's 24 feet wide. this will allow caltrans to replace two bridge hinges meaning this stretch is closed from the 101 junction to king street. southbound lanes will stay open. you can see northbound traffic that looks smooth right now. it could mean giants fans are using the bart train to get to the game at 7:00. i want to show you what they're replacing here. back live this project planned in advance and caltrans says it has nothing to do with the timeliness of the earthquake.
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so far no problems here and caltrans is scheduled to reopen by tuesday at 5:00 a.m . >> and for help navigating this weekend get the waze traffic app. it's free in the app store or google play. >> still ahead tonight, why is there suddenly water in places that are normally dry this time of the year? experts have the answer for us. >> we're ending the week with a lot of clouds upstairs. into the holiday weekend, we've got a brighter and warmer forecast. the accu-weather forecast seven day, coming up. >> bay area students embark on a mission to a neighborhood that can't afford clean water. we'll bring you their inspiring solution. >> quake victims whose homes and businesses have been red tagged need to do to get back on their feet. i'm michael finney.
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breaking news out of concord. >> a small plane made an emergency landing near buchanan field airport. >> sky 7 is there live. according to contra costa county fire officials no one on the plane is injured we do not yet know why the plane had to land but our breaking news updates continue on twitter
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on abc7 news bay area. the napa quake has had at least one peculiar and so far, unexplained expect on the region. green county creek is usually dry, but pools of water developed and experts were dispatched to inspect two nearby dams lillian kim is live with what is going on up there. lillian? >> water has been flowing since sunday, but now, we know the source is about a half mile upstream. the dams were the first thing residents thought of when water started appearing in wild forces green valley creek. biggest fear is that dam was damaged by sunday's earthquake. >> people on the lake's water system have developed a sensitivity to these issues because we've had pipe breaks and have had this couldn' this .
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>> the water, about 300 gallons per minute is coming from the ground through fissures in the rocks caused by the earthquake. >> our suspicion is that it will return to a normal flow pattern. >> residents believe it is coming from water in the ground and not damage. so any earthquake damage would add another variable to their battle. >> we have pipes about $30 million of pipes need to be replaced. if dams need to be replaced that is another $36 million. >> if tests confirm the water is safe, the city of vallejo will be begin treating to it use as drinking water. >> nasa sent up a plan with a
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radar system and will compare data and also thoep assess impact of the impact ground water as well as the drought. >> san jose continues to have a fire station construction boom. right now, this is video from our alliance with uni vision 14. will have a community room, sleeping areas and space for three rakes and can be expanded. >> you can add four more bunk rooms and can expand with a larger facility.
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>> san jose built nine new fire stations when voters approved a bond to improve public safety facilities. >> turns to weather now, a holiday weekend. >> yes. >> and towards and monday, live doppler 7 we'll show you cloud cover that is showing green on the screen. our atmosphere is dry. so it's up into upper levels of the atmosphere. we'll show you clouds and temperatures in san francisco, another perspective from our tower cam showing you the
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atmosphere. along with clouds and atmosphere creating peeks of sunshine. a beautiful picture, giving us nice, bright showers out there. forecast features high clouds, coastal fog returning sunny by tomorrow afternoon. why we have cloud cover first, the remnants of what was tropical storm marie. into the bay area, those are just harmless high clouds, won't bring us any rain. and so clouds early on, partly cloudy out there. by afternoon, sunny and bright that continues for the holiday
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weekend. low clouds in the morning 60s by afternoon. sunshine and mild, with temperatures into lower 70s, another annual art festival, 62 annual art festival. by 4:00 it's mild, 75 degrees and a final event is oakland pride happening sunday. so by 4:00 p.m temperatures comfortable. lows in the bay area tonight, upper 50s along the coast. 59 san francisco. and 81 in santa clara. 70 downtown san francisco. 66 sunset district. further north, 65. 87 santa rosa.
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and inland warming up into low 90s, accu-weather forecast shows you clouds tomorrow's sunshine by afternoon, and guys monday, labor day, a peak in heat, 94 inland but we're dry. >> yes. >> unofficially. >> yes. >> thank you. >> coming up, homes for horses >> a
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>> this weekend, local high school students will travel to mexico but it's not a labor day get away. >> they will be delivering a gift most of us take for granted. >> it's not every day a water filter gets a round of applause man is john kauffman from the rotary club and is not working alone. >> just special, amazing kids. >> six seniors from the green academy are packing bags for his next h two open doors mission. >> this is a school within a school. students learn about plants and animals and water. >> i can't get my head around
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it. it's just heart breaking hearing this one thing we've had, i've never known not having, water is just hard for them to get. >> soon, they will. there will be a sun spring of water filter. >> i'm excited to do something and try to make a difference involving water crisis around the world. >> students will be spending a week in mexico. and we had donations on our own. >> they'll attend a seminar with advicent fox. >> will give us a perspective about mexico, our relationship, how to make stronger bonds. >> some are overcoming fears. >> it's going to be the first
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time on an airplane. >> i am looking forward to interacting with the kids, seeing their life style. making a difference in their lives. >> in woodside, abc7 news. >> good for them. >> more still to come, just ahead. what to do if you're home, or business gets red tagged. michael finney finds out from a woman who has been through it. >> i have a new friend thchl is doreen. coming up right after the break, i'll tell you why she and others are here for napa city nights this, is a concert you don't want to miss.
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153 people had their homes and businesses red tagged. >> michael finney went out to get us answers you may have an earthquake kit and homeowners insurance few of us are prepared for dealing with home or business being red tagged. angela surveyed damage to her bungalow, seeing city inspectors red tag the home tore the heart out of this resident. >> it's horrible. it's our home. >> the decision made her stunned and confused with lots of
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questions about what to do next. and few had answer s. >> we're told county officials were in meetings and there is no information available. >> this fire tore through this restaurant almost two years ago and building, red tagged. architects wsh brought in help rebuild. he says first hire a contractor. work with the building department to get any necessary permits. be prepared to jump through hoops, but you'll get through it. it is complete with a second floor expansion
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for people of napa, there is hope >> we just took it upon ourselves to take care of ourselves our neighbors helping and strangers helping us. >> angela says there is a possibility she may not be able to rebuild her home the city says financial assistance may be just days away. >> we made it. each other. we're okay. >> now i have a link on the steps you need to take if your home has been red tagged and click on sections tap tab. and you'll find the information there that you need. >> nice to see her in positive spirits. >> thank you.
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>> after a long week of picking up pieces, napa getting ready for the holiday weekend and hoping tourists will not be scared off by the nick? you're making a lot of friends out there >> that is what it's about. people have come out to show they care about napa. joining me is doreen why was it important to come out tonight? >> to support >> we've been meeting people, talking to people get here, if you have plans keep them. either way, napa is up, and running strong. >> you look and think all of napa valley is like that. only in a three-block area. >> he's talking about the damage
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from the quake that hit on sunday. parts of downtown are a curious attraction for cameras of broken windows and collapsed buildings. they're hoping folks will know doors haven't closed. both are offering deals and holding special events throughout the weekend. >> 95% of the wineries are open. >> michael palmer is a general manager of the resort and spa. >> come, enjoy napa valley. >> is it the most-amazing place in the world? i just wan wanted had tomorrow experience that. >> frank and dina made the trip from portland. >> it was
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while the band practices fight songs... >> we feed off the energy of the crowd. >> brian king aren't only talking about team strategy. they're hoping to give the community an opportunity toing for get about the pain of sunday >> we're a family. these moments it's when this comes through. >> a community shaken, but not defeated. rob sherman is one of three planned for tonight. key shirts and other merchandise that they sell tonight and hope to raise funds from.
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so you, too, can help napa recover and stay, napa strong. >> nick, thank you. >> rock on. >> an unusual sight in piedmont high school. banners have been hung in support of the visiting team. this is just one of several gestures being made in support of the victims. >> the need for aid is urgent. here is how to give where you live. text words red cross to 90999 and a $ten donation will april year on your next cell phone bill. stay with us more coming up n
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while president obama discovers a strategy for dealing with isis, our allies overseas are taking a more pro active approach. british authorities are raising the terror threat level from substantial to severe. prime minister david cameron says isis exhibits a kind of extremist more dangerous than the world has ever seen.
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authorities believe the hooded man executing james foley was from london. >> ambition to create an extremist in the heart of iraq and syria is a threat to our own security here in the uk. >> meanwhile, in the u.s. the pentagon says it's working on a strategy that will go beyond military action. >> nachlt nato leaders condemning provocative actions of vladimir putin. this video shows volunteer forces moving out of the embattled region, antigovernment separatists are reportedly moving in towards a strategic port city. >> we urge russia to cease illegal military actions, stop supports to armed separatists, and take immediate steps towards
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deescalation on this grave crisis. >> the ukrainian military is reportedly preparing to defend the city. >> san jose police department decided to return an armored designed to protect troops from bombs in iraq and afghanistan the pentagon gave surplus carriers to local police department as cross the country. >> not sure we should keep them. are we saying we're projecting civil war or violence? >> there should be restrictions. >> lease responded with armor vehicles to this unrest in
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ferguson, missouri >> visit her horse haven
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california's drought and cost of hay say it is being left with many horses that don't have homes. this colt was born just weeks after his mother was rescued. >> the mom was headed to the slaughter house she would have ended up in a france grocery store in, shrink wrap. >> instead of being sold as horse meat, she ended up here at this sanctuary run by monica hardeman. it is on 400 acres in san benito
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county the center is carrying for a donkey and 70 horses some are put up for adoption. others will spend their retirement here. like sunny, an incredible 37 years old. >> they love rubs >> those quivering lips are a sign of horse happiness. jackie bradley is about to adopt this horse. >> money to buy the property came from atherton investor craig dooling the horses come from all over. >> this is pickets, rescued from abuse in modesto. >> these two phillys are race horse that's didn't make the cut. >> they'd be great horses for showing or jumping. >> these two were at an auction, about to be sent to other countries to be killed and
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eaten. that is illegal in the united states but there is little enforcement so the healthy horses get sold for next to nothing then shipped to mexico and canada for slaughter. why would someone give up on the horses? monica blames the soaring cost of hay, doubling in the last few years. >> people need to feed their families or horse. >> hay is so expensive, the rescue center also struggling. >> $8,000 a month, minimum. >> there are constant vet bills and an urgent need for donations to build shelters to create shade for horses monica runs the center with help from her boyfriend the only pay is a great experience. >> you learn a lot about the horses nature, how they act, and i had no idea and felt like i was waking up and blind before. monica started after her sister
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was murdered giving back to them. >> they can only take in as many horses as they can afford to feed the center has a big fund raising event in october. if you want to contribute, adopt a horse or volunteer, we have a link. >> they look beautiful. >> they do. >> let's get to weather for horses and humans >> yes. >> we have clouds in minutes first pitch at 7:15 p.m giants take on the brewers.
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highs around california tomorrow, hot in fresno. 111 palm springs, los angeles, 86. monterey, 70 degrees . 76 richmond. and fairfield 92 degrees accu-weather forecast is sunshine, warm, and our typical spread of temperatures. >> so i'm in for dan ashley tonight. the question tonight, who is in for alden smith? >> the fall out from the suspension. how much money is smith forfeiting? and who will take his roster spot? sports is co
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>> alden smith has been suspended for the first nine games for violating substance abuse his absence, as well as of nevao
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bowman will miss half the season. like they did last year, the will increase dramatically as well the role of rookie aaron lynch. >> i admit it. i was one of the people yelling last night. maybe i got caught out in the moment. and maybe, allen agrees with me. time will tell. >> the coach is wondering which qb gives the team a better chance to win. >> three guys that is a situation. >> my job is coming in to compete and tell us just help the team win. that is all i'm doing.
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whether i'm on the bench, it doesn't matter. >> she was so good. stanford begins a quest for yet another bcs bowl appearance tomorrow. opening up at home against uc davis. those on the outside looking in see defense is a big question mark. can they reload through graduation? >> as far as talent, what we can as defense, right now we're focused each and every week, only thing will matter, in terms of our potential, we can be as good as we ever have they say it's too soon toing for get about the mark. >> i love the way the guys have worked
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>> bears and wildcats can be seen as 12:30. abc news at 4:00 will follow. then, it's our prime time game. and join larry and shu afterwards for after the game. >> tony stewart makes his return to nascar sprint cup series this weekend, saying today, getting back in the race car will help his personal healing process. stewart has been in a self-imposed exile since striking and killing kevin ward junior august 9th. in a session with media members, stewart spoke about the affect of tragedy had on them. >> this is been one of the toughest tragedies i ever had to deal with. this is something that will affect my life, forever. >> venus williams and sarah aranian. venus should have let this ball bounce into the net. second set, all dina. she takes it at love.
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venus gives a chance to serve it out. venus, 52 unforced errors. and the giants showcasing their newest acquisitions prior to tonight's game against milwaukee, many pakia packs a punch. this is part of the media tour leading up to wba welter weight title fight. both throwing out tonight's first pitch. i guess they're going to be side by side we'll see who does better. >> i heard bob aaron talking about the possibility of a floyd mayweather match up. >> right. >> it's like five years. >> they've been talking about it. >> yes. >> would have been a great fight in 2008. >> thank you. >> be sh you are to join me tonight at 9:00, forgot something? device scientists say can help trigger your memory. >> about to wear the glasses >> then, at 11:00 holiday
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healing, how napa is coming together on this labor day weekend. >> that is it for this edition of abc7 news our kuvenlg continues on twitter on abc7 news bay area >> from all of us here at abc7 news, have a great night, and enjoy a safe, and happy holiday weekend.
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thank you, johnny gilbert. hello, ladies and gentleman. a runaway game for ken jennings yesterday. will we have a runaway game today? this is the last game in the preliminary round of our battle of the decades. one of these three -- keith, maria, or dan -- gets to come back in about a month from now to play for $1 million. you're eager to find out who it is? so am i. let's go to work in the jeopardy! round. categories for you three are as follows. "g-a-l" coming up in each correct response. dan, off you go. i'll take structures for $200. keith. what's a warehouse? that's it. computer abbreviations for $800. keith. what is text? no.


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